locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


Back in 2017 I moved several lists from YG to groups.io.  As a result I became Owner or Co-Owner of several of them.  All of them were Basic(free) lists. One has upgraded to Premium because of

the perceived need for greater image storage.

My biggest list is nearing 2000 members, image storage is about  70%  

It will be another 3-4 years before we reach the 1GB limit, so there is No Immediate Need to Upgrade.

However there is an Immediate Threat to Upgrade to Premium.  After Jan 18th an upgrade to Premium will cost

$1100 a year, a massive jump from Free.

The proposed pricing structure indicates that the preference is for lists over 1000 members to Upgrade to Enterprise

which for my 2000 member list would cost $4400 annually if upgraded after Jan 18th.

Most of the image storage is in the files section, only a small percentage is attachments to messages.  In ten years image storage may reach 2Gb if not managed.

Most members search the archives, only a small percentage post new information.  Searchable archives are the main reason we moved to groups.io

My dilemma is future per member pricing for currently grandfathered lists. I don't expect grandfathered lists like mine to avoid per member pricing forever, perhaps only in the near future.

Mark is leaving a lot of money on the table each year existing lists are exempt from per member pricing.  If this is a first step and in the future, for example, existing Basic (Free) lists over 200 members would be charged

$0.50 per year per member; a decision to upgrade now would be easier to justify.

ken clark


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