locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Chris Jones

On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 03:53 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Ads are not an option.
And thus there need to be alternative strategies for "balancing the books";

Mark: One thought (and I mean thought; this is not a suggestion!) is that over time the biggest cost associated with any group is the amount of storage it uses up, or at least I assume it is; please tell me if I am mistaken. 

New "free" groups no longer have a storage allowance for Files and Photos (other than attachments) but as time passes more and more space is required for a message archive. Is there a case for limiting how long messages are stored? Would it free up sufficient storage if individual groups released the older part of their message archives?

The group I co - own has an archive going back to 2002, and I greatly doubt if anyone does a search on it for anything specific going back that far. With most members seeming to rely on email communications rather than the web UI it seems (on the face of it) that an archive going back to the beginning of tiime may not be all that useful.

Any such approach might require an owner or moderator to have the ability to tag any given topic as "important; not for deletion" so that it does remain to be found in some future search.

Would this thought go any way in containing your costs?


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