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On Fri, Dec 18, 2020 at 07:18 AM, Drew wrote:
as group owners we are like Chichikov in Gogol's "Dead Souls"-- continuing to pay a tax on the inhabitants of our estates even though they may have "moved on" since the last census was taken years ago.
That makes me wonder (going off-topic here) if there could or should be a feature wherein we can ask members to actively confirm that they want to stay in the group. I know we have a bunch of deadwood (not, as you say, to be morbid) as well. The monthly guidelines, which we send as a special notice, often results in one or two people unsubscribing because they haven't been active for years, and the special notice gives them an easy way to unsubscribe. But I'm sure there are countless other inactive mebers who no longer have any interest in the group, and  simply ignore emails, never look at the site, etc. Particularly if there's going to be a charge based on member count, this seems like it would be a helpful feature.

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