locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Mark Murphy

The good news: 
  • The change only applies to new and upgraded groups starting January 18, 2021.
  • You are free to purchase new premium and and enterprise groups until then and keep legacy pricing.
  • All current and new Premium groups will bump up to 30GB storage.
Premium and Enterprise groups subsidize Free groups. As Free or paid groups consume more of the costs ("the larger the group, the more it costs us to host"), something has to give. You can limit the resources consumed by Free groups or charge paid groups more or some combination of both.
Revenue from all groups must at least recover costs. Mark has set some points in his business model pricing which allow him to do this, and hopefully make a reasonable profit. I think we can discuss how the new pricing might be accepted, pricing relative to competitive services, impacts for quiet vs busy groups, additional options for supporting GIO such as donations, how group members might contribute to groups costs, etc. However, only Mark is in a position to determine what is sustainable for his business.
Thank you.

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