moderated Re: Combination of "hashtags required" and "messages moderated" sometimes causes posts to disappear #bug

Bruce Bowman

Mark -- Some follow-up to my comment on "other obscure combinations of settings."

If the group itself is not moderated, but the hashtag I add to the held draft has the Moderated flag set, the same thing happens. I get a green-banner message saying that the message will post after moderation, but it instead vanishes without a trace. 

The reason for moderation does not seem to matter with respect to this. I have not [yet] tested other scenarios that might lead to an incoming email being held as a draft (like Storage Limit Reached > Bounce Messages with Attachments).


On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 01:41 PM, Bruce Bowman wrote:
If you require hashtags in the group and an incoming email does not meet those criteria, the message is held as a Draft until that person logs in and corrects the subject line. But if the message is also supposed to be moderated, it does not go into moderation after being fixed, nor does it bypass moderation and post. It simply disappears.

This occurs whether the message originated from a regular Member or an Owner. I've confirmed this with the following settings:
Spam Control > Message Moderation > All messages are moderated
Message Policies > Hashtags Required
Message Policies > Hashtag Permissions > Messages from members can only be tagged with existing hashtags, otherwise the message is bounced

I suspect that some other obscure combinations of settings could lead to the same behavior.

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