locked Re: Pricing Changes #update


Dear Mark,

It seems as if you have chosen to monetize groups in a fast manner. Your earlier pricing policy was aiming a longer term. Although the new pricing terms do not affect earlier groups, there is a question mark in our minds that maybe all groups will be subject to the new pricing conditions one day. I understand that you should earn money but your attitude seems to have been changed over time and new pricing terms are harsh. I guess, you do not want to acquire new groups and you find the present number of groups and members adequate.

On 18.12.2020 00:54, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Thu, Dec 17, 2020 at 1:48 PM Samuel Murrayy <samuelmurray@...> wrote:
Mark is, of course, free to do what he wants, but by capping free groups at 100 members he is essentially saying "no more free groups".  In most groups that I participate in, only 5-10% of members actively post, so "100 members" really means "5-10 members posting".  And one jiggabyte of storage sounds insane to me.  A 2000 member limit with 50 MB of storage would have made more sense.  But I'm not a techie -- perhaps that is the way modern pricing works: storage is cheap and signaling is expensive... is that right?

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