locked Re: Pricing Changes #update

Dave Sergeant

Most of the groups I am part of have membership well over the 100 free
limit, only a couple below and typically 1000 or more. All hobby or
non-commercial groups which people simply wouldn't join if there was
any suggestion of payment. For some linked to clubs even premium on a
per member basis works out more than the club annual income from
membership fees. Enterprise is totally out of the equation.

I understand Mark has to charge somewhere for his service but a 100
member limit for the free version is far too low. And although existing
groups are grandfathered I have to ask 'for how long', I suspect next
Christmas everything will be at charge. Many of us moved to GIO as the
excellent place for the thousands of volunteer mailing lists compared
to other (free) alternatives. Mark may well have shot himself in the


On 17 Dec 2020 at 13:54, Mark Fletcher wrote:

The average number of subscribers to each free group on Groups.io is 85.
I don't know what the median is, but I suspect it's significantly lower
than that.


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