moderated Database Permissions Not Working Per Owner's Manual? #bug

Jim Wilson

I am seeing an issue that runs contrary to the Owner's Manual description of permissions.

We have a large database in our group with more than 4K entries. I have just realized a regular non-moderator member has been modifying entries for quite a while now. Not that the person was "unauthorized" but they should not have been able to change anything.

We have always had Admin > Settings > Features > Database > Permissions set as "Members can view, moderators can create tables" which, in the manual, states that this applies to modifications, as well. This is not happening. An even larger issue (and much more alarming) is that any regular member is also allowed to modify the table structure as well as delete the entire table! I have just tested this with my test group. This is a real problem!

As this issue is addressed, please consider how users could be assigned "modify" permissions without the need to make them a moderator. I also believe "delete" should be reserved to owners only or specified as a separate permission.

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