moderated Re: Dozens of gmail members suddenly bouncing - what's going on? #misc

Donald Hellen

Mark . . .

On Tue, 15 Dec 2020 16:02:18 -0800, "Mark Fletcher"
<> wrote:

I'm now going through and unbouncing all gmail users who are currently bouncing.
I've never sent bounce probes before because I felt it was the
member's responsibility to maintain his email address and react to
automatic bounce probes, but in this unusual case, I sent bounce
probes to 122 members. After a few hours the list was down to
somewhere around 53. I sent them again for those members.

Now that you're going through and sending them for Gmail users, are
you going to do the same for the Charter, Comcast, Spectrum, and
Roadrunner emails also? I unbounced myself (roadrunner email) but
there are probably others in my scattered groups who are affected by
another issue. Shal mentioned a listing by SORBS (a blacklist service)
with GIO on it, and some email providers use that list to block
domains that are spam havens.


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