moderated Re: Dozens of gmail members suddenly bouncing - what's going on? #misc


This problem (with Gmail) has indeed returned again today.  I am seeing it here right now.  For me, it started within the last 2 hours.

I forward some messages from my Gmail account to another Gmail account under my control, and they are not getting through.  Instead I get a "bounce" message (from Google to me) claiming that the other account doesn't exist, even though I am also logged into it!

This illustrates the problem is unrelated to, it's coming from Gmail (Google).

However, the methods of rectifying one's "bouncing" status with their accounts, is a question.  There ought to be a way for Owners/Moderators to unbounce members -- like we could do in Yahoo!Groups.  If the "you're bouncing" message goes through, then probably should automatically unbounce that account.


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