moderated Re: #bug event times in /feed are all 8 hours out #bug

Malcolm Austen

On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 01:52 PM, Malcolm Austen wrote:
I can reproduce the effect though ...
in a group with default user TZ set to UTC (I know that should not matter)
with my TZ set to UTC
I create a calendar event with TZ UTC to occur at 18:00
The event shows at 18:00 in the calendar but at 10:00 in /feed
If I create an event with TZ set to AWST (8 hours ahead of UTC) for 18:00
it shows in my calendar (TZ UTC) correctly as 12:00
Ooops, I meant "it shows in my calendar (TZ UTC) correctly as 10:00"

but in /feed as 02:00
If I change my (account) TZ to AWST,
that same event shows in my calendar as 18:00 (AWST)
but still appears in /feed as 02:00
Therefore I conclude that events shown in /feed always display in PST and make no adjustment for my (account) TZ setting.

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