moderated Re: Bewildered by log entries #misc

Bruce Bowman

On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 08:06 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Click the unsubscribe link in a footer. Then click the resubscribe link in the email we send you telling you you've been unsubscribed. 
I've confirmed that this sequence of actions does lead to those two log entries.

Thanks Mark...appreciate the explanation!

On Sun, Dec 6, 2020 at 09:36 PM, David Grimm wrote:
Why would it say 'left group via web' if they left via an unsubscribe button on an email? Shouldn't it say 'unsubscribed via email'?
When you click the footer link, it doesn't actually unsubscribe you right away. Instead, this page opens in a new browser tab:

This is essentially the same as the dialog box that pops up when you click "Leave Group" on the group's Subscription page. Since the confirmation of your wish to leave is actually finalized on the web, I have no real problem with the first log entry saying "left via web." And of course, some action of this kind is desirable, as it's very easy to click the unsub link in the email by mistake.

The resulting action subsequently sends an email with a "Resume Subscription" link that is good for 7 days. There is no such confirmation dialog when you click this resume link. A page does open, but it's only a notification of success. One could make the case that you have thus resumed "via email" instead of "via web." Not sure changing that would make this sequence of log entries any less mysterious, though.


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