moderated No link to second page of RSVP responses on iPhone #bug

Charlie Behnken

I appears that on an older iPhone when you have more than 20 RSVP responses the bottom of the page including the link to subsequent pages and the footer line - About, Features, Pricing.... is not visible.   Changing the orientation on an older iPhone, Portrait or Landscape, does not fix the problem. Changing from Grid to List also does not matter.

I say an iPhone because that is what I tested it on - iPhone SE (1st generation) and iPhone 8.  I have not tested it on other vendor's phones.  But I say older iPhone, because I just happened to upgrade to an iPhone 12 mini the following day and it works in Landscape mode on the newer phone.

This is an issue as we just started using RSVP in response to the pandemic to limit participation, and more and more members are doing everything on phones these days.


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