moderated Re: If member of parent, must still confirm request to join unrestricted subgroup #bug



However, if member of parent group applies to join a subgroup, they get an email requiring them to confirm.
That doesn't happen in my test subgroups; a member of the parent group (also restricted) can view and click on any of the subgroups (that are visible) and click on Join and they are added at once with just the (custom) Welcome Notice email sent.  My subgroups are also set as fully-unrestricted, with nothing checked in Spam Control.  I didn't test it, but could it be your subgroup's visibility setting may be set to some setting that will cause this? Mine is set to "(sub)Group listed in parent group, messages viewable by parent members", if you happen to have "messages viewable by subgroup members only" then a Join confirmation email may be appropriate, I don't know.


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