locked Re: Like


I subscribe to a newsletter from RSN.  I read the articles that are of interest to me.  The comments give readers of those comments to click on a green thumbs up which means Agree, or a red thumbs down which means disagree.  Sometimes I write comments to articles.  Sometimes, when I go back a few days later, my comment will have a green number or a red negative number.  But, usually, I don't bother. 

I have seen some message boards where comments get "liked" and that moves them up the list.  Somebody suggested that it would be nice to get an email if somebody else liked a comment he wrote.  If the point of installing a like button is to cut down on email, then that's kind of defeating the purpose. 

Somebody else suggested that there should also be a Dislike button.  I agree with that.  I propose that instead of Like or Dislike, that it should be changed to Agree or Disagree.  Of course, it is possible, also, to like somebody's message without agreeing with it. 

Somebody else indicated that one should not be able to like his or her own comment.  I agree with that.  In RSN, I can't thumbs up or thumbs down my comment.  In Care2, I can't send myself a green star. 


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