moderated Bewildered by log entries #misc

Bruce Bowman

Folks -- Some disconcerting log entries have recently been reported in GMF. It involves the following sequence:

<email address> left via web
<same email address> resumed membership via web

The unsettling thing about this is that the group is Restricted, and the owners do not report reviewing a new join application or sending a subsequent invitation or otherwise allowing these people to rejoin. I have personally never witnessed the "resume membership" thing unless the person involved had previously "reported a message as spam;" but this same left-and-resumed sequence has since been verified in the logs of a second group.

Is there a default Member Notice of some kind that contains a renew link? If so, why do they get back in without going through Pending status? Generally, I'm not aware of any GIO feature that would allow someone to resume group membership "via web." Rejoin yes...resume, no.

Any insight into what member activities could produce this would be appreciated.


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