moderated Make sequence of mods receipt of pending member notice more consistent #suggestion


There's some inconsistency in the sequence in which mods receive a pending member notice relative to when (before or after) the member confirms. I don't know if some of the inconsistency is intentional or inadvertent and wanted to get a handle on it and discuss what we actually want to happen, vs what happens now, if unintentional.

Case 1: member with an existing gio account applies via email --> mod does NOT receive the pending notice unftil after the member confirms
(Possibly this is intentional?)

Case 2: person without an existing gio account applies via the web --> mod DOES receive the pending notice, and the member goes in with an NC badge (note: this allows a mod to "resend confirmation notice" to the person, unlike in case 1)

Case 3: person withot an existing gio account applies via email --> I have not tested this and don't know what happens in this case, or should

The advantage I see of mods receiving the pending notice before the person confirms, regardless of the existence or nonexistence of a gio account, is that the mod can resend the confirmation message. Also, they are at least made aware of the application to the group. In the case, or cases, where mods don't receive the pending notice until after confirmation, neither of those is the case. I would prefer to be informed whenever someone applies to my group, even before they confirm, not only when they happen to apply via email and have no existing gio account, but in all cases.


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