moderated Re: #suggestion The ability to mark a moderated message as Spam #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 05:09 PM, JohnF wrote:
It looks like the request is for spam filtering from
It might well be, but I would still like to know exactly what the OP is asking for. In the ansence of that let me provide this example.

(a) If a moderator is looking at a suspect message using the group's web UI then what they are viewing is the actual message from the poster.

(b) If a moderator is looking at the same suspect message from a notification email then what they are looking at is NOT the original message; it has been processed by (in a wrapper I daresay) and is actually from

In the case of (a) then a "spam" tab could be used to inform that the sender is a suspected spammer. In the case of (b) then an attempt to have the email labelled as spam could easily accuse of spamming, not the originator of the message that has simply wrapped up and passed on. That action could have disastrous consequences.

It is a case of Be careful what you ask for, in case you get it.


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