moderated Re: Polls table readability #suggestion


Further to my suggestion for making the poll results more readable:

An additional horizontal scroll bar at the top of the display (of the "See Who Responded" table sorted by Answer) would allow users to at least scroll the table while viewing the Answer headers.

Currently one is limited to the horizontal scroll on the bottom of the table, which is ok for scrolling through the Results footers at the bottom of columns, but the Answer column headers at the top are off-screen if there are more than a handful respondents.

FYI- our group's poll involves US states and Canadian provinces/territories-- over 60 "Answers" and dozens of respondents, necessitating more usable scrolling.


On 11/29/20 10:18, Drew wrote:
Referring to the "See Who Responded" table (sorted by Answer): For polls that have a lot of answers and a lot of respondents it is difficult to keep track of particular columns while scrolling to the bottom in order to read their Results footers.
It would be helpful if the Answers headers at the top could be repeated at the bottom of the columns above the Results; likewise the Results footers at the bottom of columns repeated at the top under the Answers headers.

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