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Date: 08/11/2014 2:49:43 PM
Subject: "Like" for the email-centric (was Re: [beta] First Impressions of Groups.io)
Ian Gillis wrote:
> ("like")
I wonder if there's a way to bring the facile nature of "Like" to email-centric dinosaurs like myself.
Perhaps as an email command. Reply to the message but add +like to group's address to 'tick' the Like counter of the original message. I had considered a hashtag for the purpose instead, but I wouldn't want the act of clicking "Like" to generate a message to the group. Using an alternate address makes it clear that this is a special function and not a group posting.
Naturally, there could also be a "Like" link in the message footer. But if that's other than a mailto: then there's the issue of how it works for email-only subscribers.
On the receiving side members could opt-in to receive email notification when someone "Like"s their message. The like count could be included in daily digests of messages.
And if you're considering having a global "activity in your groups" type of daily digest likes could be listed there, I'd certainly sign on for that.
-- Shal
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