moderated Re: Bug in hashtags - Online only messages appear in summaries and save and send to group sends to group - even though tags set as "online only" #bug

Bruce Bowman

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 11:07 AM, Mo wrote:
I have created a tag that is for "online only"
Mo -- By this, I assume you mean that you have the "No Email" checkbox checked on this hashtag.

I created a confidential post that needed to stay online only, its needed to stay inside the group.  I was editing and saving loads.  The last save I did was "save and send to group" as I was to lazy to click "Save and not send to group".  As the tags are configure to not email - I expected it to not be sent.  But it did and now its appearing in daily summeries on further edits.
If an Owner/Moderator chooses to override the hashtag setting by clicking "Save and Send to Group" -- even by accident -- I don't consider that to be a bug.

Is that a "known" behaviour that I have interupted wrong? 
It was certainly not known to me!

Or something owners can do.  Just worried users could edit - then send post outside which are marked online only.
From my cursory testing, it does seem that Members are also able to circumvent a hashtag's "No Email" setting by editing their own message. In fact, "Save and Send to Group" is the only option available.

So this does seem like a bug, but I don't know how best to squash it. For now I'll just throw out idea of prohibiting Members from editing messages associated with a No Email hashtag.


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