moderated Re: "Find or Create a Group" page does not do what it looks like it was designed to do #bug

Marv Waschke

On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 04:15 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I've revamped the groups search page a bit
It now works as I would expect it to. Excellent. Appreciate it.

However, I think you could improve the interaction with the row of letters across the bottom. That was a nice feature when the group count was in the 100s but not so useful when result sets are in the thousands.

I suggest treating selecting a letter as an additional filter on the initial letter of the group name "anded" with whatever filters have been applied to the display result set. Also retain the sort order of the set prior to "anding" in the initial letter filter. You could also add 0-9 buttons for group names that start with a numeral.
Best, Marv

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