moderated Re: "Find or Create a Group" page does not do what it looks like it was designed to do #bug


I think a group name search is too discriminatory. Many groups have names that don't describe topics vital to their interest but who would otherwise be fully relevant to the search.

Filtering of non-wanted words can be handled now with negated search terms. Compare the search results for:

cars american


cars -american

Of course, this would negatively (no pun) impact those groups who use the "we do not discuss X" type of language. They could be the victim of the double negative (i.e., "no american" in the description and "-american" in the search). But that has to be a pretty tiny subset of groups.


On 11/24/20 22:44, J_Catlady wrote:
It remains to be seen how and whether, within the filter, to prioritize or only include groups with the search term in the group name as opposed to just the group description. I suggest a checkbox option along the lines of "include only groups with the search term in the group name" for people who only want that. Otherwise you also get groups whose descriptions say things like "we do NOT discuss [search term] here so if you're interested in that, go elsewhere" and groups who deal only very tangentially with the term.
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