moderated Re: What is the algorithm for the display order of groups after entering a keyword search? #misc

Marv Waschke

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 12:01 PM, Glenn Glazer wrote:
To be even more ;) pedantic, in SQL and similar query languages, SELECT is not the same as ORDER BY, nor are the things selected or ordered.
I'll add that this search page was fine when gio had only a few hundred groups, but a lot of the frustration here stems from the length of the lists now that gio has grown to tens of thousands of groups. Without filtering the list before sorting the results, the result list almost unusable if the search criteria are not narrow, but narrowing the search criteria in a way that will produce a useful result set sorted only by group name is difficult. Outfits like Google have invested millions on millions of dollars in developing searches that return what users expect rather than the criteria they enter. We can't anticipate that from gio, but all the suggestions here point to ways the search could be greatly improved without massive investment.

Best, Marv

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