moderated Re: What is the algorithm for the display order of groups after entering a keyword search? #misc


On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 11:52 AM, Marv Waschke wrote:
The sort order of the results of a search and the search itself are different beasts.
Yes, and hey, have a look at my bug post. That's correct and it looks like the page itself was designed to search (filter) on a term, and then display the results ordered on the user's choice of criterion from among those offered at the left (most active, most popular, newest, name). The bug is that if you select anything besides "by name," and you enter a search term (which the page allows you to do even if you don't select "by name" - it does not gray out the search box), the sort criterion jumps down to "by name" and wipes out your selection. The results are then displayed in reverse alpha (not forward alpha) order by group name. (That's a secondary small bug or inconsistency. If you do select "by name" and do *not* enter a search term, the results, namely all the public groups in existence, are displayed by forward, not reverse, alpha order.)

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