moderated "Find or Create a Group" page does not do what it looks like it was designed to do #bug


After all the discussion in two other threads about the problems with the "by name" search, I have come to conclusion that the intention of the search page was good, and consisted of precisely what I'd been asking for in the other threads, namely: seach on a term and display the results via one of the criteria on the left ("most popular," "most active," "newest," "by name"). However, it simply contains a major bug. The bug is that you can only search on a term if you display by name. If you try to enter a search term and use either of the other three sort orders, your choice jumps back down to "by name."

It looks like the intention of this page was to allow *filtering* by a search term and *display* the results by one of the four criteria. But it in fact allows the sort only by name.

Within the "by name" sort, the smaller bug is that the display is isorted by reverse alpha on the name instead of alpha and distinguishes between lowercase vs. capitalized names. It should sort by alpha (as it does when no search term is entered) and ignore upper vs lowercase.

If these bugs (the big one and the smaller one) are fixed, all the discussion the other two threads about about the search problems,,,100,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,100,2,0,78334723 and,,,100,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,100,2,0,78422972
goes away except for the suggestion to prioritize groups with the search term in the actual name rather than just the description. That part would be a #suggestion.

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