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I think there's actually a fundamental mistake or mismatch in the search groups page and I'm calling this a bug, or even bugs, plural. You can search by most popular, most active, newest, or by name, all without entering a search term. But (1) If you select "by name" and don't enter a search term, you get all groups in alphabetical order. Yet if you select "by name" and enter a search term, you get groups containing the term (in their name or description) in *reverse* alpha order. And (2) if you select either of the other three sort criteria, and try to enter a search term, the page jumps back to "by name" and you get the behavior we've been discussing here and in the other thread. Aside from the issues described previously, I think the page is wrongly designed in these two senses, or is buggy. I'm not sure which.

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