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Glenn Glazer

On Sat, 11/21 14:18, Duane wrote:
On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 03:52 PM, Glenn Glazer wrote:
But that order is effectively random.
Not completely.  It has to be searching the (listed) group-name/description database which is apparently stored in ASCII order.  Since the results page shows By Name, then it's doing a bottom up search.  Anyone with a bit of computer programming experience knows that in ASCII all of the upper case characters come before all of the lower case characters which is the reverse of the order the results are listed - bottom up.


If the search is specified without a sort order, then elasticsearch does not promise an ordering to the result set as that SO link pointed out. As J_Catlady pointed out, the code could very easily be doing post-processing on the result set. What we see are the final results, none of us have the ability to determine which part of the code is doing what.

I'm not arguing that the end effect is desirable. I definitely agree there is room for improvement. I'm simply pointing out that the relationship between the search results order and the actual search term are not necessarily due to Elasticsearch, as you asserted.



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