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On Thu, Nov 19, 2020 at 01:28 PM, Duane wrote:
By using "feline lymphoma" (without quotes), it narrows it down to 4.  With quotes, there are only 2.
And of the two, one of them (the feline cancer group) deals with feline lymphoma only very tangentially if at all. It happens to include those words deep in the description. My group, on the other hand, specifically and *only* deals with feline lymphoma, and is not included in the "feline lymphoma" search because the title is "Feline Small Cell Lymphoma," a specific kind. So the results for "feline lymphoma" are very, very misleading to people looking for a group on feline lymphoma.

It would be most helpful if the display order

(1) prioritized groups with the search term in the name rather than just the description (whether in quotes or not - I'd now like to change the title of my group based on these extremely misleading results, but too late for that);'

(2) did away with the whole uppercase, lowercase criterion;

(3) allowed a second filter chosed by user according to the criteria available for non-name searches (Duane has showed how simple this would be to implement);

(4) IMO did away with the alpha order, or at minimum used alpha order instead of reverse alpha order;

How can I change the name of my group to have it display in a "feline lymphoma" search? Or how can the search be changed to include it, since we ONLY deal with feline lymphoma and are (misleadingly) not included in these results?

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