moderated Re: What is the algorithm for the display order of groups after entering a keyword search? #misc


It may be helpful to group owners to consider all of the possible keywords that pertain to their group's particular interest and include those words in a separate section of your group description. There are very few, if any, group categories that can't be narrowed to one page or less of results with just a two- or three-word search.

I suspect that most people who type in terms for a group search are probably inputting multiple word searches rather than just "cats", "dogs", "cars", etc. For exampel "cats illness", or "american cars", etc narrows multiple page results to just one page. At that point it's not particularly useful to order the results by creation date or number of subscribers, etc. since it's so easy to scan by eye.


On 11/19/20 14:35, Marv Waschke wrote:
I give Mark credit for providing functionality here without a lot of work on his part. I'm sure it's all priorities.
That being said, J_Catlady has a point. Ease in finding groups to join is important to both group owners and potential group members. A lot could be done to improve this interface. Very few people are capable of sussing out url search syntax like Duane. Perhaps we can do Mark a service by figuring out what could be done to make the interface more useful.
The simplest value add that I can see is to use the choice of sort orders on the left (Most Popular, Most Active, Newest, By Name) to sort the results of a search, not just the unfiltered list. I would also change the collation sequence of the By Name sort to be case insensitive. Much more sophisticated Google-search-like approaches are possible, I suppose, but this sounds relatively simple to implement.
Let me repeat: I would give this some priority because it would make gio groups more accessible.
Best, Marv

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