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I don't know how you accomplished that, but it seems convoluated and hard to figure out. I think those categories - Most Popular, Most Active, Newest - along the left should be clickable even after entering a search term. Instead, the minute you enter a search term they go away and the search defaults to "By Name," when the actual ordering of the display by name has absolutely nothing to do with the search term. I think that is very wrong.

It doesn't seem like any sort of advanced option to, by default, (a)  prioritize groups by whatever left-side category the user has entered, *even* if they enter a search term; and (b) within that, order by if and where the search term appears in the name (actual group name priority over description). I don't see any use at all for alpha ordering (let alone reverse alpha ordering, as now) or upper vs. lower case names, but that could be the last criterion if deemed needed.

I don't think any of that is "advanced." The display order as it acts currently is completly unintuitive and does not serve users well who are looking for groups that actually deal with the subject they entered.

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