moderated Re: What is the algorithm for the display order of groups after entering a keyword search? #misc


Ok, I want to turn this thread into a #suggestion.

1. In Find or Create a group, when someone enters a search term, don't eliminate the other criteria. Let the user still select between "Newest," "Most Popular," and "Most Active" if there are ties within the names.

2. Within the categories above, if entered:
  • prioritize groups that have the search term within the actual group name as opposed to just within the description
  • prioritize upper case (not lowercase) names, or if possible don't use that criterion at all (preferable IMO)
  • prioritize alpha, rather than reverse alpha, names as currently (or possibly don't use that criterion at all, preferable IMO - the group name is irrelevant except as it relates to the actual search term)
  • If possible: If the term is in the group description only, rather than in the group name, prioritize groups where the term occurs earlier on in the description (e.g. "This group is for bananas" takes priority over "This group is about anything having to do with jungles, wild animals, ecology, and bananas" if the search term is "bananas")

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