moderated Re: What is the algorithm for the display order of groups after entering a keyword search? #misc


I'm still not making this clear. What is the search algorithm and why does it not take into account the categories "Newest," "Most Popular," and "Most Active" available on the left? If you enter a name, those go out the window and the search reverts to "By Name." And even in "By Name" I don't understand the criterion. When you say "Alpha order by lowercase,..." etc., are you saying that the group title is not included in that, and that the description takes precedence? Because that's seemingly what happens in some cases (but again, not all, and seems completely random). I'm waiting for Mark to explain the algorithm. I don't care about Premium vs. Basic (although my group is premium and could benefit from the boost, that's not a criterion I would want to see as a user/non-mod - I'd just want to see ALL the groups irrespective of whether or not they're paying money to be in the list).

My immediate suggestion would be that when someone enters a word for the search, rather than reverting to "By Name" you could still select one of "Newest," "Most Popular," and "Most Active" (rather than those being disabled). And even if we get that, I still don't have any conception of how the by-name ordering is calculated.

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