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Tracy <tracy@...>

I did this with a certain group owner.

Only after I had pleaded with him to do so and only when he got wind his heart was giving out and he was dying.  After he was gone, I set up a 3 person ownership, with owners 500 miles apart, just in case there were any coincidences.  (This was back in the days of yahoo about 2 years ago.)

BTW, after someone is gone, how do you convince the system admins the only owner is dead?  The group may disappear after the bill isn't paid, but the free groups will go on forever (perhaps with no new members being added, those with a moderator to add new members would last longer).

On the other side of the coin, linkedin "suggests" periodically to me to connect with those I've know been dead for years. Apparently their accounts never die.

On 11/14/20 9:17 PM, Shal Farley wrote:

I'm about to undergo some serious surgery and would like to prepay for
5 years to assure the group will continue.
I support this suggestion, as several people have asked about it for various reasons.

That said, since you're a GMF member I'm sure you know that the best way to ensure the continuation of the group is to promote someone else to the Owner role. Then if the worst happens the other owner can make the next year's payment.

The other option is to give a moderator the "Billing" permission, but in the long run that's not as helpful to the group as having one or more active owners. But if you want to discuss such options, probably better to do so in GMF than here.

Best of luck and prayers for your surgery.

Tracy Johnson


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