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Tracy <tracy@...>

The other week I got the invoice and it got paid for next year for my group automatically.

They simply hit my credit card they had on file.  So next year is paid for.

So I wouldn't worry about the next 5 years.

I think the other side of the coin is if you ever cancel your credit card, they may send you a manual invoice or some warning it wasn't paid.

On 11/14/20 7:19 AM, Paul Ohio USA via wrote:
Hi Mark,

I thought this had been discussed, yet can't find it. I've paid for my co-owned group since transferring from Yahoo. I'm about to undergo some serious surgery and would like to prepay for 5 years to assure the group will continue. Is this possible?
If you would like to continue this discussion Off List, that would be fine.
Thank you and take care,
Paul, Ohio, USA
Tracy Johnson


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