moderated Photo processing #bug


I noticed today that it doesn't appear that photos are being resized properly when uploaded.  Best I can tell, the uploaded photo is stored at the original size and the displayed photo for editing is shown according to what is chosen in the "Max Size In Photos Section" setting.  I remember that something like this is done with photos in messages, but shouldn't be happening when uploaded to an album.  One of my groups is quickly chewing up storage space because of this.  I've begun downloading to resize locally for re-uploading, but if the setting were honored when they were initially uploaded, it would save me some work.

As an example, I downloaded one photo that was stored at 1536x2048 and 1.28MB (group is set to resize to 312x312).  On the edit page, it shows the image info as "1,536px × 2,048px (scaled to 240px × 320px)" and Size as "1,318.16 KB".  When I manually resize it using GIMP, it becomes 234x312 and 60.8KB.  I'm not sure when this started.  I'm not even sure it's consistent since the ones I see that are too large aren't necessarily just recent ones.


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