moderated Re: Bad link in confirmation email #bug


We're very close to this stuff. We know that sending a note to a group is submitting a post.
Folks new to email forums may not know that.

"Anyone that follows the instructions won't have a problem. ;>)"
People don't read thoroughly. Natural to click on that shiny link.
(And if using a phone, may not even see all of the message.)

"Some groups allow posts by non-members."
Good point -- a case I hadn't thought of.
However, doesn't that make this bug more serious?

If trying to join an unmoderated group...

1. If they hit the link instead of sending the special reply, they will think they have successfully joined the group when they have not. They won't get the group messages.

2. If they click that link, the text in their reply may be...
Merely noise:
"Thanks for letting me join this group." (which is now polluting Nextdoor.)
However, if they personally know the group owner, perhaps unfortunate:
"Thanks, Mary. I still remember Vegas! ❤️"

Lots of fun,

On Sat, Nov 7, 2020 at 09:04 AM, Curt Gowan wrote:
When I looked closely at the confirmation email, I saw that the link was
-- in other words, causing the applicant to submit a post to a group that they are not yet a member of.
I don't believe this is a bug, nor should it be changed.  Some groups allow posts by non-members.  Anyone that follows the instructions won't have a problem. ;>)


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