moderated Re: Wording to disable two-factor (2FA) #suggestion

Mark Murphy

I think the OP was first concerned with the dialog wording on which credential is required to Disable 2FA. I agree that could be made more clear.

On Wed, Nov 4, 2020 at 12:14 AM, Jeff Smith wrote:
Only question people are debating here is that you want to allow disabling 2FA without having 2FA because of course people do lose their secret key and maybe they are still logged in somewhere, right? You want convenience in exchange for less security.
On the issue of requiring a password or 2FA in order to disable 2FA: I don't know if we have good evidence whether using a password or 2FA is "better" or more secure in this scenario, so I don't have a strong opinion.

On the issue of loss or compromise of your GIO 2FA credentials/device, I think some areas in GIO could be improved. For example, provide 2FA recovery codes when first setting up 2FA. Currently, you must contact GIO Support.

Github has a good model:

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