moderated Re: Summary email has subject "digestnoreply" #bug


One of the things I disliked about Yahoo Groups was all the replies that would come in with a subject line of "Groupname Digest #332." I'm happy that doesn't allow it, and would not want that behavior to change.

I hear you, but SOMEtimes, "
Groupname Digest #332" is exactly correct. It's been too long to remember the reasons, but I'd use it in half the lists about twice per year.

Some folks don't change Subjects/Topics, too - and a Mod can step in with a reminder, and mention some additional thing, (or 2 or 3,) as well... which takes care of Item #2 and diffuses embarrassment over Item#1. If it gets really bad it's just by 1 or 2 members, they are usually weak in other areas too, so Moderation "curbs their enthusiasm..." and their rush. They then improve overall.


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