moderated Re: consider a "Like" to be a "follow" #suggestion


On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 02:41 PM, Duane wrote:
You've already got all those functions, so why 'break' an existing one
I don't see that implementing either an "auto-follow Likes" advanced subscription option, or having the system treat Likes as follows, is superfluous or breaking anything. On the contrary. Currently, if a member is set to following-only and auto-follow replies, the only way they can follow topics they're interested in, or posts they agree with, is to make little comments like "I agree" instead of just clicking the Like button. Many groups have guidelines that include the exhortation NOT to post things like "I agree." That leaves group members interested in topics, and who are set to following-only, but who lack a substantive comment to make, in the lurch.

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