moderated Re: Problems replying to digest messages? #misc


On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 03:40 AM, Shal Farley wrote:


> I'm somewhat surprised that members who use Thunderbird,
> e.g. Shal, haven't run into this problem before. Maybe, like me, they
> rarely if ever use the digest footer links to "Reply to Group" or
> "Reply to Sender." I usually reply to individual messages using e-mail
> and use the web interface to reply to a digest message..


I almost never use the footer links in either individual or digest
messages. Specifically because I inline reply with quote, as herein, and
the footer links don't give me a copy of the original message to work
with. So in individual messages I use Thunderbird's Reply button. In the
rare case of replying to a Digest I probably would go on site.
This is confusing. I do inline quoting (interspersing) all the time when replying to (plain) digests. Click "reply to this message", click the "balloon" to quote...

groetjes/ĝis, Ronaldo

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