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West Coast Compañeros Staff

On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 08:32 AM, West Coast Compañeros Staff wrote:
On Sun, Oct 25, 2020 at 04:47 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
The situation is that she's trying to reply to an individual message via email within a digest, and this is what she says happens: 
"When I click on Reply to Group on the message it opens a completely blank new tab in my email program (Thunderbird) (not even send etc. fields) and I can't use it to respond. Any idea what's going on? I used to be able to respond directly from the messages or digests in Yahoo and I'm pretty sure I've done so in io also, but for a while now this is how it's behaved."

I can reproduce this error using the current release of Thunderbird for Macintosh, version 78.4.0. It happens whenever I try to reply to a message using the footer links (either Reply to Group or Reply to Sender), whether it is an individual message or in a digest. A new tab opens in Thunderbird with the title "Loading..." and nothing further happens. (See attached screenshot.) If this is not the case in Thunderbird for Windows, it would point to a bug in Thunderbird for Mac. If it also occurs in Thunderbird for Windows then I would be surprised that it has not been reported before now. In that case it could be a general Thunderbird bug or it could be due to the way formulates the footer reply links.

The workarounds for an individual message is 1) to use the Thunderbird interface to reply to the group (or to the sender, if the individual's email address is known). or 2) to make the reply using the web interface. The only way to reply to a message In a digest is to use the web interface.

Robert R.

Can you ask the member with the footer-link "Reply to Group" problem whether she is using Thunderbird for Windows or Thunderbird for Macintosh? A version number would also be useful. This bug is definitely occurring in the interaction between Thunderbird and, and it will help to determine the source of the error if we know whether it also affects Windows users or is restricted to Mac users. So far I can't find any mention of this bug on Mozilla's support site for Thunderbird, but the site is a pretty confusing maze.

Robert R.

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