moderated Re: Blacklisting - using multiple IP addresses? #suggestion

Bill Burns

I recently moved a notification-only group from Yahoo. I established it in 2005 with no restrictions on who could join, and it now has about 250 members. After setting up a new group here I sent invitations to all of them, and I now have 66 members.

I would never do a direct add from an old group such as this.


On 27-Oct-20 10:09 AM, Bärbel Stephenson wrote:
People migrating groups from Yahoo have no idea how many bad addresses they have as the yahoo system has been broken for years.
Bigger groups, who migrated before now, often found that up to 1/3 of the addresses in the group are no longer working.  Recently I unsubscribed almost half of the members of a group (over 300 members when migrated) and most of those addresses had never worked after making it to io groups.

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