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Bärbel Stephenson


People migrating groups from Yahoo have no idea how many bad addresses they have as the yahoo system has been broken for years.
Bigger groups, who migrated before now, often found that up to 1/3 of the addresses in the group are no longer working.  Recently I unsubscribed almost half of the members of a group (over 300 members when migrated) and most of those addresses had never worked after making it to io groups.


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Thanks for all your hard work on this.  It’s a thankless task at times.


Re “I don't know how to prevent that behaviour”: you might need to publish some administrator guidelines.  One thing that is necessary is house-keeping.  Administrators need to do a minimum to keep their data up to date, review the meber list at regular intervals specially those that run open groups.


I don’t allow anyone to join unless I have some indication they are a genuine person.  If we get an anonymous application and can’t trace the sender, we ask them to provide a minimum of info.  You’d be surprised how many of those request remain unanswered.  So, it’s worth checking.


When I first joined the premium service, the one facility I wanted was “direct join”.  All recipients can reject the invitation if they want so I don’t consider it being intrusive.

But I’d request improvement to the member database and the ability to sort, the splitting up of display name into “First “and “Last Name”.  It would be really good if w could set up a weekly/monthly report on bouncing or problematic addresses.


I know you can get these reports by downloading various lists but the amount of work afterwards to make them user friendly is prohibitive.

How difficult would  async facility between the system address database and the database section of the site be?  Then investigations and filtering would be possible from within io.groups.



But the basic requirement is for administrator to be firm with their members, if they don’t want to identify themselves, what is it they are wanting to hide.  We only ask for first name, last name, email and town/city and country of residence.  Not exactly the Spanish inquisition.


Hope this helps you look at behavioural change.













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It has occurred to me that perhaps could have a separate email server for the paid groups and one for the free groups -- to somewhat limit the damage due to blacklisting of IP addresses. There could even be another email server for use when troubleshooting groups suspected of causing blacklisting.


Certainly in the past, the reason we've been put on blocklists was because of premium groups direct adding bad addresses to their groups. My suspicion is that with this last wave of Yahoo Group refugees, that's what's happened again. If I had to guess, it's people direct adding email addresses that had been bouncing on Y! Groups for many years now. I don't know how to prevent that behavior.



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