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One of the reasons I wanted to use a group rather than do bulk email from my own IP is that I encountered this problem and it wasn’t stable.  Every provider has different criteria, few of them report the bouncing (gmail in particular).

It has been a real problem for two or three years now.  I’ve attempted to get support but failed miserably, no answer to support emails, nothing.  Many asking for fees to unblock, etc.  One colleague said: just get “G Suite”.  I think that exactly what Google want.  There’s something going on and I can’t believe it’s only about spam.  Imagine if you post man filtered your mail before he put it though your letter box.  That’s exactly what these providers are doiung, makinf devisions for us anmd not giving us any support to fix it and authenticate our business activity.


But, for those who wonder why we pay, we have a (real person) who attempts to fix things for us.




John Wirtz


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On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 02:26 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

We were blocked again by Spamhaus last night for a few hours.

BT have also restored normal service - for now anyway!

Mark; when gets blacklisted do you receive any formal notification or are you reliant on one of us flagging the problem up here or via the support email address?


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