moderated Re: Allegedly Blacklisted #misc


On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 8:11 AM Chris Jones via <> wrote:

Mark; when gets blacklisted do you receive any formal notification or are you reliant on one of us flagging the problem up here or via the support email address?

I do not get any notification. There are three indicators: complaints on beta@, mail queues filling up, and error messages from email servers when we try to send messages to them.

With Spamhaus, we've now been blocked 3 times in the last week. They give me the times that they've seen spam, within +/- 5 minutes. I've gone through the logs and tried to correlate email addresses that we've sent messages to during those times. That has resulted in 2 email addresses, both of which are legit and long term subscribers to multiple groups that have received a lot of email over the past several days.

It could be that messages are being delayed as they're routed to Spamhous, so the time frames given may be incorrect. Or something else. Clearly I'm missing something.

They responded to my email yesterday afternoon with a canned response about checking for malware on my server. I responded immediately, and have not gotten anything back as of yet. They say do not try to send multiple emails to support, so I've been holding off.

There was an instance maybe a year and a half ago, where a group transferred from Yahoo. One of the email addresses was a honeypot email address for the Trend Micro blocklist. That email address had been on the Yahoo Group for years previously. But when the group moved over here, that triggered a block. I wonder if something similar is happening here.


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