locked Re: Community Code of Conduct


I have been a group owner and a co-owner.  Never in all the years that I've been with Yahoo have a felt any group member had done something that necessitated banning him or her.  I have been a member of a group where the owner had a lengthy list of group rules which were more stringent than what Yahoo had.  During the short time I was a member, she banned at least one person. 

I do agree with Mark in that there should be a Code of Conduct or Guidelines as Yahoo calls them.  I also agree that if the guidlines/code of conduct is very lengthy people will not read them.  They will just click the I Accept button without really knowing what they accepted.

Perhaps if a group member feels that he or she has been unfairly banned, there should be a system in place to where the member and the group owner, along with a mediator could communicate.  In many situations, it all boils down to a misunderstanding.   The mediator would not be affiliated with the group from which the member was banned. 

I think a Code of Conduct is a good idea.

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