moderated Problems replying to digest messages? #misc


I'm not sure whether or not this is a bug. I don't use the digest in any of my groups, so I am unfamiliar with the way it is supposed to work, but this seems to be a problem. A member of one of my groups complained to me about it and told me she noticed it recently and that "it didn't used to do this."

The situation is that she's trying to reply to an individual message via email within a digest, and this is what she says happens: 
"When I click on Reply to Group on the message it opens a completely blank new tab in my email program (Thunderbird) (not even send etc. fields) and I can't use it to respond. Any idea what's going on? I used to be able to respond directly from the messages or digests in Yahoo and I'm pretty sure I've done so in io also, but for a while now this is how it's behaved."

I suspected, but have not yet determined, that she may not have been logged into when she did this, or that she was logged into the wrong account. To test that, I set myself up to digest mode in my test group and sent 12 messages to generate a digest. I received the digest in my email (gmail under safari, not the safari mail program) and tried to reply to a message in it while being logged into a account that's not a member of that group. The message just went into a black hole. It does not appear anywhere except in the gmail sent file.

I then logged out and logged into the account that is a member of the group, and tried the same thing, and the message went through.

So to reply via email to a digest message, do you have to be logged into in that same browser in order for the message to post, and otherwise the message just disappears? This seems wrong. And what's going on with her Thunderbird email, which seems to behave in an even weird way? As I said, I still need to check to see whether she was logged into (and the "correct" account), but either way, there seems to be a problem, or problems, here.


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