moderated Re: Allegedly Blacklisted #misc

Paul Evans W4/VP9KF

As you should know by now, the list of 'bad' IP addresses is fetched by e-mail server admins from Spamhaus. The rate at which this is done (under a cron process) is, within reason, as often as they like. In practice the default is often every 24 hours. How long they live in the receiving e-mail server is also set at a decay pace by the admin., so if the timing is just 'right' and addresses are injected while Spamhaus has them 'up', it could take 1-2 days for a server to clear out definitions (often using a TTL algorithm). Unless, of course, an admin manually flushes the cache, although it's normally 'all or nothing' so they must remember to fetch manually from Spamhaus for fear of getting a bunch of real trash thru until the next fetch.

In practice, it'll last as long as it takes. The only thing you can ever do is inform Spamhaus that it's really not correct and make sure it at least cannot be included on the next fetch by any given e-mail server...... It certainly used to run by IP addr., so it's most annoying when used on sources that are using Shared servers or VPSes. That often blocks out many domains!

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