moderated Re: Allegedly Blacklisted #misc

Dave Sergeant

Quite a few to me have bounced today as well, my mail goes via 1&1
Ionos: 554 (mxeue010) Nemesis ESMTP Service
not available No SMTP service IP address is black listed. For
explanation visit


On 25 Oct 2020 at 8:34, Chris Jones via wrote:

A group of which I am a member posted a message to say that messages
sent by the Group were not being delivered.

Similar email delivery problems have manifested themselves on a group I
Moderate, and examination of my own email delivery history shows my
service provider bouncing emails from because...

* 522 email sent from found on
industry IP blacklists (Spamhaus/Invaluement/ReturnPath) on 2020/10/25
15:20:41 GMT. To protect our customers, we use leading industry
providers of blacklists to ensure only good senders can send email to
us. If believe this is a mistake, please contact them directly as there
is nothing our Postmaster will be able to do.*

I don't know how many mail service proividers may have acted upon this
erroneous blacklisting. FWIW this problem seems to have arisen recently,
such as this morning UK time. Other than on the group I moderate my activity is via the web UI so I have no means of knowing how
widespread this problem might be.

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